Sitemap - 2023 - RevOps Impact Newsletter

Setting up your Operating Cadences

🚀 Navigating the Challenges of Rising Customer Acquisition Costs: A Deep Dive

Leaning into FY24 Territory Design

Deal Desk and Sales support

Concepts for Revenue Enablement

What is in a Revenue Operating Model?

Pricing, Proposals and RFPs

Increase Deal Velocity and Conversions with Funnel Analytics

The Product and GTM Flywheel

Revisiting the Sales Capacity Model

RevOps Assessment + Maturity Model

Owning your infrastructure architecture

Managing up

Building a Partner Ecosystem

Presales: where do things go after the Demo?

RevOps and the Command Center

Tracking expansions at renewal

Using AI for your Account Scores

RevOps support for Presales

Territory Design Mastery: Avoiding fireworks and building trust with Sales

Renewal... Retention... it's all the same right?

Revisiting the Speed to Lead concept

Designing a CS Comp Plan

Who should own the renewal?

Does your CRM make the grade?

Revenue Operations should be using Systems Thinking 🤔

RevOps Roadmaps

Setting up commissions for payroll

SFDC Data Normalization Hack Setup

The ups and downs of RevOps building the SDR function itself

Processes and Cadences to manage renewals

How to manage renewals in Salesforce?

What's the deal with Net Revenue Retention?

Creating a sales rep scorecard

Using NPV, IRR, and ROI in a RevOps Context

Advanced Pipeline Management

3 bold ways RevOps can impact LTV/CAC

Interviewing for RevOps roles

Developing your revenue system architecture

30-60-90 Day Plan

How much does it cost to build up an SDR organization of 10?

Building and Fine Tuning SDR Sequences

SDR Operations: knowing thy funnel

The REAL purpose of a forecast

Bottoms Up Marketing Planning